Entertainment Can Be Local
O'Malley's bar and grill, one of the great biker bars in America. This place is open 11:00 to 01:00 every day of the year. In the evenings the grill is hot and you cook your own steak. If you don't want steak, Jeff (the owner) puts out some terrific hot wings. We've been to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo and Jeff's wings compete very favorably. This is a biker bar you can take your kids to. Wildlife is common inside the town. You don't often see bears, but they are in town every night except during hibernation season. You do see fox, turkeys, and deer every day, and once in a great while, a cougar.
O'Malley's isn't the only place to eat. Palmer Lake has a great -really- pizza parlor, a very nice continental restaurant, and a decent Italian place. Just a mile down the highway towards Monument there is a first class inn with another very nice continental restaurant, the Mozaic. Wait! There's more!
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