The "Pout" House (the guest house)
The Pout House is basically a one room apartment, about 22x30' and 12' high. Walking in from the deck, there is a large cherry counter to the right. The cabinets are birch with solid maple doors. Everyting is scratch built with lazy susan shelves in all the corner cabinets. Heat is provided by in-floor hot water, driven by a standard hot water heater and pump--this system can hold the temperature in almost any weather, but if you let the inside temperature fall, it is very slow to come back up. On the good side, if it's sunny this room has excellent solar performance.
Bath with shower and [soon to be completed] steam system.
The base cabinet's unique lazy susan has a slot in the rotating top shelf, allowing easy access to items on the rotating bottom shelf.
Three views from the center of the room.
The kitchen counter top also serves as the main table, seating seven comfortably. There is no installed oven, but the microwave is also a convection oven. In all other ways, it's a fully functioning kitchen.
The bedroom corner has a queen bed and end tables. (The dining table is being "stored" here until the main house is finished.) A small desk to the right has a laptop and high speed internet.
The sitting area has two love seats, stereo, CD, DVD, and a modest digital TV hooked up to cable.